2024-2025 Milk Supply

Noumi was built on a strong heritage of Australian dairy farming. Our delicious dairy products are made from the finest quality milk sourced from our community of well-supported Australian farmers. We are committed to innovative dairy practices that focus on responsible farming and reducing environmental impacts.

Statement of Circumstances

Statement of Circumstances for Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Milk Supply Agreements

Noumi* will enter into new milk supply agreements from 1 July 2024 after consideration is given to Noumi’s long term business objectives and volume requirements, and subject to the following circumstances being met:

  • The farm must hold a current food safety licence or accreditation from the relevant State regulatory authority.
  • Noumi’s preference are farms that are located within 250km of Noumi’s Shepparton site at 1/102 Old Dookie Road, Shepparton, Victoria, with proximity to other farm businesses to allow for efficiencies in milk collection.
  • The collection point must be accessible for milk to be collected by a 19-meter B-Double tanker at a minimum.
  • The farm business must be capable of providing milk that be used for Noumi’s commercial opportunities, by delivering a consistent supply of milk across the season using industry-agreed best practice production methods.
  • The farm must provide evidence that their milk supply in the previous 12-month period has been of consistently high quality.

Noumi not having entered into sufficient milk supply agreements to meet its current and forecast demand for milk between 1 July 2024 and 30 June 2025.

*Noumi means Noumi Limited and its subsidiaries, including Noumi Dairy Trading Pty Limited.

2024-2025 Standard Form Milk Supply Agreements

In accordance with our obligations under the Dairy Industry Code of Conduct, our standard form exclusive and non-exclusive milk supply agreements are published below, together with our report on disputes. We understand that each farm and milk supplier is different, and we are open to negotiating and agreeing on terms with you that suit your individual business and meet our milk supply needs.